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Ivo Ngade
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IVOIvo Ngade is currently an Andrew Mellon postdoctoral fellow (under the supervision of Dr Joy Owen) at the department of Anthropology, Rhodes University. After his master in Anthropology and the certificate of advanced master (master naar master) in social and cultural Anthropology at Leuven University (Belgium), he moved to the department of African languages and cultures at Ghent University (Belgium) for his PhD, which he obtained in 2014. In 2013 he obtained a dissertation fellowship from Ghent University’s Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds (BOF) to study at the department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut (USA). He wrote his dissertation at the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Professor Merrill Singer and returned to Belgium to take his doctoral exams in May 2014.
His research domains range from HIV-sexual risk behaviours among youth, technology usage, identity and sexual flirting, transactional sex, young people/social goals and transnational migration. Recently, he developed an interest in local responses to emergent infectious diseases, especially Ebola spread and its threat in neighbouring countries such as Cameroon. He focus on aspects of panic, fear and uncertainty due to ebola threat and how local people are not passive on resilience to epidemics with limited biomedical possibilities but rather take action (ethnomedical remedies). This is in collaboration with Professor Merrill Singer at the department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut. He is also ASnA postdoc representative.

Journal Articles

Ngade, Ivo. 2011 Bakossi names, naming culture and identity. Journal of African cultural studies 23(2): 111-120
Enongene Sone & Ngade Ivo. 2014. Moralising female identity in Cameroon in 1990's: female prostitution and the song 'you gu cry' Muziki: The Journal of Music Research in Africa, Vol. 11(2): 103 - 115
Ngade Ivo, Marcus Olivia, Singer Merrill and Hasemann Jose – Local knowledge, local action: Popular ethnomedical response to the ebola threat in Yaounde, Cameroon (currently received minor stipulations for a special issue on ebola in Anthropological Quarterly, due 2016)
Ngade Ivo, Singer Merrill, Marcus Olivia and Hasemann Jose Implications of Changing Attitudes towards Bushmeat Consumption at the Time of Ebola in Limbe, Cameroon (under review in Human Organization Journal)

Book chapter

Ngade Ivo, Singer Merrill, Marcus Olivia & Haseman Jose. Washing Away Ebola: Environmental Stress, Rumor, and Ethnomedical Response in a Deadly Epidemic, in Merrill Singer’s (ed.): A companion to the anthropology of environmental health (In Press, Wiley Publishers)

Book reviews

Ngade Ivo & Elong Eric Ebolo. 2010. Review of: Readings in modernity in African, by Peter Geschiere, Peter Pels, and Birgit Meyer (eds). African Studies Quaterly 11(4): 135 – 136