Space and the body: rethinking the division between biological and sociocultural anthropology.

By: Green, Lesley J.F.. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p1-2, 2p

Introduces a series of articles about the division between biological and sociocultural anthropology in Southern Africa.

Subjects: ANTHROPOLOGY; AFRICA, Southern


Walking memories and growing amnesia in the land claims process: Lake St Lucia, South Africa.

By: Spiegel, Andrew D.. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p3-10, 8p

Memory is often constructed around images drawn from landscape. But memory can also be constituted through the process of traversing landscape — as if memory is inscribed in and through people's ...

Subjects: ANTHROPOLOGY; LANDSCAPE changes; MEMORY; RESTITUTION; GREATER Saint Lucia Wetland Park (South Africa); SOUTH Africa


The heart of the cheetah: Biography, identity and social change in north-western Namibia.

By: Chesselet, Joëtle; Levine, Susan. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p11-18, 8p

This ethnographic collaboration between filmmaker, anthropologist and translator aims to make visible the often unacknowledged life-story of the translator whose particular positioning as 'cultur...



From chronological to spatio-temporal histories: mapping heritage in Arukwa, Área Indígena do Uaçá, Brazil.

By: Green, Lesley Fordred; Green, David R.. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p19-26, 8p

This article explores aspects of Palikur speakers' experiences of landscape and historical time in the region known as `Arukwa' along the Rio Urucauá in the state of Amapá, Brazil, and contends t...



Scaling culture: rock climbing and the embodied nature of spatial knowledge.

By: Goodrich, Andre. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p27-34, 8p

Traditionally, spatial knowledge has been conceptualised and explained through the use of the cognitive map hypothesis, in which the metaphor of the topographic map is used to construct an explan...

Subjects: CULTURE; ROCK climbing; MENTAL representation; PARTICIPANT observation; METAPHOR; ANTHROPOLOGY

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Sense-scapes: senses and emotion in the making of place.

By: Ross, Fiona C.. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p35-42, 8p

Drawing on material generated in research in an informal settlement in the Western Cape, and building on the ideas of Michel de Certeau (1988) and Shirley Ardener (1993), the paper explores how s...

Subjects: ANTHROPOLOGY; HUMAN settlements; CARTOGRAPHY; WESTERN Cape (South Africa); SOUTH Africa; Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services


The vertiginous body and social metamorphosis in a context of HIV/AIDS.

By: Henderson, Patricia C.. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p43-53, 11p

Ethnographic research for this paper was undertaken in the Okhahlamba District in the Drakensberg of South Africa and formed part of an on-going five-year project focussing on people's everyday e...

Subjects: AIDS (Disease); HIV infections; ANTHROPOLOGY; HUMAN body; ETHNOLOGY; SOUTH Africa


The geography of the clinic: spatial strategies at a Western Cape Community Health Centre.

By: Muller, Lauren. Anthropology Southern Africa, 2004, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p54-63, 10p

Clareview Community Health Centre (CHC) is a fortified primary health care facility in crisis. Gang violence, functional inefficiency and antagonistic patient/health worker relations threaten the...

Subjects: COMMUNITY health services; CLINICS; PRIMARY health care; ANTHROPOLOGY; WESTERN Cape (South Africa); SOUTH Africa; All Other Outpatient Care Centers; Other Individual and Family Services; Residential Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities