Die bordspel Morabaraba--aard, verspreiding en herkoms.

By: Coertze, R.D.Anthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p55, 16p, 1 Black and White Photograph, 2 Diagrams

Discusses the general characteristics of all devised games leading to an exposition of the rules of morabaraba, played in South Africa. Terminology used in playing that come from indigenous langu...

Subjects: GAMES; SOUTH Africa; Game, Toy, and Children's Vehicle Manufacturing


'An epidemic within an epidemic': the case of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

By: Herselman, StephnéAnthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p71, 7p

Describes the occurrence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB in South Africa, highlighting the emergence, nature, aspects of disease control and some of the sociocultural and ethical impl...

Subjects: MULTIDRUG resistance; TUBERCULOSIS; SOUTH Africa


Gossip in a Shona community.

By: Bourdillon, Michael; Shambare, MichaelAnthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p78, 8p

Presents a study about gossip in a Shona community in South Africa and what the community members themselves said about gossip. Description of situations in which it is difficult to speak about o...

Subjects: GOSSIP; SHONA (African people); SOUTH Africa

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Diverse approaches in a South African debate on language and diversity in higher education.

By: van der Waal, C.S.Anthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p86, 10p

Explores the various meanings associated with the concept of diversity in higher education in a specific South African context and establishes contextual factors and processes underlying these me...

Subjects: HIGHER education; SOUTH Africa


The ethnography, archaeology, rock art and history of goats (Capra hircus) in southern Africa: an overview.

By: Badenhorst, ShawAnthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p96, 8p

Provides an overview of the usage and importance of goats as reflected in ethnographical records and an overview of goats in prehistory and the depiction of goats in rock art in South Africa. Pre...

Subjects: GOATS; SOUTH Africa


The affective in anthropological research with some reference to analogy, archaeology and stone gongs.

By: de Jongh, MichaelAnthropology Southern Africa, 2002, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p104, 4p

Discusses the anachronistic linkage of stone gongs, archaeology and analogy and the affective in ethnography. Neglect of the affect or feeling as opposed to mere role-playing as an objective rese...