About ASnA

Anthropology Southern Africa is the professional association for social anthropologists living and working in Southern Africa. We represent members in seven Southern African countries. ASnA organises the largest anthropological conference in southern Africa and collaborates with other anthropological organisations across the continent, and world. We provide a venue for publishing academic papers via our journal Anthropology Southern Africa. Our mandate is to:

  • Promote anthropology in southern Africa.
  • Support anthropological research.
  • Disseminate anthropological knowledge in the academic milieu and to the wider public.


Anthropology Southern Africa

Formerly the South African Journal of Ethnology (1994–2001), the journal changed name and focus in 2002 and is published under the auspices of the Anthropology Southern Africa association. Since 2014, Anthropology Southern Africa (ASnA) has been co-published by Taylor and Francis and NISC on behalf of the association.

Every member of the association receives a copy of the journal, either a hard copy or in online format.