Hosted by the Rhodes University Anthropology Department

Rhodes University, Grahamstown

29th June - 2nd July 2014

Preliminary call for papers and panels:

In today's world, crossing borders and its outcomes are interwoven with the crafting and unravelling of peoples' ways of living and formations of self. Giving an account of the journeying implicit in such crossings calls for complex forms of attention – attention that is brought to bear on everyday life, its locales and temporalities. It is simultaneously a call for a sophisticated blending of theory, philosophical approach and empirical research. As anthropologists, our intellectual task is often to engage in unsettling hegemonic knowledge claims, yet we also enter fruitful cross-disciplinary encounters, in which mutual audibility is hoped for, and in which disciplinary reshaping is implicit.

 Crossing borders – blurring boundaries...

 - in the stylization and ongoing formation of gendered selves - between the local and the global - between nation states and their diasporic populations - between literal and figurative migration - between aesthetics and politics, the private and public, alienation and belonging, life and death, the human and inhuman - between the visible and the invisible, between legality and illegality, nature and culture...

 Crossing borders – blurring boundaries...

- as epistemological challenge... - as provocation...

- as survival... - as escape...

- as transcendence... - as advocacy...

- as loss... - as limit.

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The ASNA "Cecil Manona Methodology Workshop" 2014

Open to students attending the 2014 conference. Click here for more information.

 ASnA Student Travel Grant

The association Anthropology Southern Africa has made available four conference travel grants up to the value of R2 000 each (plus a conference fees waiver) for the 2014 ASnA conference.

After careful consideration, the following list of applicants were recommended for the R2000.00 travel grant.

Ala Hourani (UWC)
Andrew Hartnack (UCT)
Pedzisayi Mangezvo (SUN)
Walter Mantina (Wits)

Our deciding criteria comprises a combination of the following factors:
1) Merit of the application;
2) Level of degree (Phd, Masters or Hons);
3) Stage of research (fieldwork, writing up etc.)
4) Geographical representation of different universities
5) Support for "historically disadvantaged" departments

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